Share a Special Yearlong Adventure
and Stay Close to the Kids You Love!
Stay Connected
No Matter Where in
The World You Are!
Much More Than Just
a Personalized Book

Create Your
Own Cartoon

and see what it’s all about.
Start your Adventure
Build A Special Loving Bond
No Matter Where In The World You Are
The Child
Will love to see their name, a cartoon of themselves, read the stories, and grow closer to an adult.
The Adult
Follows along on their digital copy and enjoys a special conversation.

Series Features:
  • Become main characters in a fun adventurous story
  • A NEW chapter is mailed to your child every 3 weeks for a year
  • You receive digital copies of every chapter
Here’s How It Works
Build A
Create characters that look like you and your child.
Add your names to personalize the story.
Pick an
Choose among a wide variety of adventure stories.
We Build
Your Story
We create your unique, personalized book and print each chapter on 8½ x 11 high quality paper.
We mail a NEW printed chapter directly to your child, every 3 weeks and email you a digital copy.
Enjoy sharing the surprise, delight, laughter, conversation and learning that happens once your adventure begins.
Start your Adventure
Develops Special Bond
The stories take place in your child’s imagination where you share amazing experiences that deepen your relationship.
Shows You Really Care
Constant positive contact over the year shows them that you love, care, and think about them often.
Stimulates Conversation
A highly personal and unique gift, Kids love talking about these adventures, especially with you.
Makes Reading Fun
Kids love reading Adventures Of stories because they see themselves in the story along with someone they love.
Builds Core Values
Our stories are wholesome, safe adventures where children learn healthy self-confidence and values.
Experts Agree
Teachers, child psychologists, therapists, parents, grandparents and especially kids agree that stories like these build lasting relationships.
Aid’s Cognitive Development
Adventures Of stirs the imagination, inspires creativity, evokes curiosity and aids in a child’s mental and emotional development.

Patent Pending US 62/757,586