The “Adventures Of” Series

Started in 2003 when a divorced father tried to maintain a long-distance relationship with his 4-year-old son, Antonio. Unsatusfied with the results. Mitchell decided to write a story about the two of them getting stranded on a deserted island. Although not an artist, he illustrated the story and entitled it The Adventures of Antonio & His Dad.

Over time, he surprised his son with little toys, his favorite candy, drawings done with glow in the dark paint, etc. The present surprises were written in the storyline and mailed along with the story. The results were dramatic: Antonio loved the stories and felt that he and his dad were part of an adventure together. The stories strengthened their relationship and built a close bond, which has lasted into adulthood. Below are the first pages of the original story.

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Antonio’s Thoughts of The “Adventures Of” Series
Antonio was 4 years old when he started receiving the stories from his dad. He’s now 21 years old and a junior at the University Of California San Diego majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Watch and see how Antonio remembers the impact of receiving the stories and how he feels about them today, as a young adult.
The Founder's Guarantee

Thank you for inquiring about The “Adventures Of” Series.

I couldn’t be more excited thinking that you and a special child wil son be embarking on an adventure whose memories wil last a lifetime. I can guarante that your relationship solidifies and grows between you and the child; regardless of where in the world you’re physically located.

All my love and God bless!
- Mitchell Aguirre